Typical textile 代表的組織

Single jersey 天竺

TOKI SEN-I sticks to using material and makes textiles which are unchanged after you washed it. It means our single jersey is quite smooth to the touch. We produce not only plain but also striped, slab and designer fabrics.


French Terry 裏毛

The French Terry Cloth that is made with the TSURI knitting machines is our best seller and gets admired around the world. The Jacquard machine can make textile with three different colours of yarn.
We are proud of our back loop as well.


Waffle ワッフル

TOKI SEN-I has devised our yarn and knitting for making waffle textile. Especially 6 colours stripe waffle is very unique and that textile is exclusive to us.


Pleats プリーツ

Our pleated textiles have never lost their pleating because we use knitted pleating not compression molding. It will be fit to your body so softy.


Matching RIB 付属リブ

We supply various matching Ribbing in collar and edges, which is an accent to the clothes for customer’s demands. It is high quality for stretching and durability.


Other Materials その他素材

In addition, we have other machines that can produce various types of knit structures such as ponte, pique, jacquard, velour and pile. We can handle a wide range of designs.