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TSURI Knitting

The TSURI Knitting machines are rare and over 100 years old. They are only in Wakayama prefecture, Japan. Its production has already ceased, so if it breaks we have to take from a parts machine to fix it. It’s quite delicate to maintenance compared to other machines. Therefore the manager and craftsmen of the knitting mill constantly check the progress of the knitting. The name of the “TSURI” knitting machine comes from the very unique knitting way of hanging and rounding the machines while knitting. Productivity of the TSURI Knitting Machine is only 1/180 amount, it’s about seven pieces of a sweatshirt, as compared with circular knitting machines which are common today. It takes one hour for knitting only one meter, however the TSURI knitting machines knit fabrics slowly and carefully including air in each stitch of the fabric to ensure perfect size. As a result, there will be no needless applied yarn. The knitted fabrics will bring comfort and a pleasant feeling to wear. Furthermore, if it was washed it may be more fit to your body. In order to add no tension on yarn, we care about the needles details. The bearded needles on the TSURI Knitting Machine are made of a round steel, shaped into a particular type of hook. The round needles will not impair the yarn and are less affected by friction. Nowadays bearded needles are very rare and only made in Germany. Knitted fabrics by the TSURI knitting machines allow the fabrics to full freely unlike the newer machines that pull and roll, therefore the fabrics are fluffy and soft because of no tension. Our fabrics are a combination of experienced artisans’ skill and the traditional Japanese technique, we call “SLOW VINTAGE”. We are proud of it as the very best quality.

熟練の職人技と日本の伝統技術が織りなす唯一無二の生地。私たちの吊り編機による生地は、独特の風合いと品格を持った”SLOW VINTAGE”と呼ぶべき「究極の限定品」と自負しています。

Difference in knitting fabric 編地の違い

Stiches of The TSURI knitting machine 吊り編機の目

Stiches of The circular knitting machine 丸編機の目

Typical fabrics / maintenance 代表的な生地・メンテナンス

INDIGO To avoid mixing the cotton, INDIGO fabrics are knitted in a special area which is completely separated. インディゴ 風綿を防ぐため、インディゴ生地専用の編機だけを集めた小部屋で編み立てています。
STRIPE We improved the TSURI knitting machine for making striped fabric. ボーダー 吊り編機を社内で独自改良し、
MAINTENANCE We pull off all needles every month for maintenance. メンテナンス(ばらし) 機械の状態次第で、
REMOVING DUSTS Due to being too delicate to use an air-duster, we remove dust with special Q-tips. 手作業でのほこり除去 非常に繊細な機械でエアダスターを使えないため、

Circular knitting machine 丸編機

We also produce with ordinary circular knitting machines. Those are separated one by one in order to not involve dust under the latest quality control.


Air Colgar Knit エアーコルガーニット

AIR COLGAR KNIT is made with the knitting method which is inspired from the TSURI knitting machine. It was knitted with a circular knitting machine but the feeling is extra soft and fluffy. Please touch and feel this airy fabric which texture is primitive and warmer.



We have rare older machines for the sake of various requests from customers.


Typical Retrospective knitting machinery 代表的な編機

RIB リブ
Waffle ワッフル
Pleats プリーツ

Inspection &

All greiges are inspected if there is a damage or spot on it. If something is found wrong with knitting, feedback will be sent to the mill immediately.